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Clarion Intelligent VOICE™

1. Launch the app and tell the radio what you want to find.
From any screen, launch Clarion Intelligent VOICETM, then say where you want to go or what you want to do.

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2. Select from a list of search results
A list of candidate locations will be displayed based on the enormous volume of up-to-date information from Google Places™.

3. Set the destination and begin route guidance
If you find the destination you want, select Start Guidance and your route begins.

Voice Search With On-Screen Display

1. [Word] Displays the word that was spoken.

2. [Search Result] Search results will be displayed in order of proximity to current vehicle location.

3. [Did you mean:] If there are no hits for the word you said, an alternative word that is close to the displayed keyword is shown, allowing another search.
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