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As of firmware version 2.00.06, the MW6 is compatible with the following Clarion source units:
CMS2, CMS3, CMS4, M303, M505 and M606

Clarion NMEA 2000 Interface Module Lets You Control Clarion Source Units with a Multi-Function Display Device

The MW6 NMEA 2000 Compliant interface module allows Clarion marine source units to be seamlessly added to a boat's onboard NMEA 2000 network, enabling control of Clarion source units directly from the boat's Multi-Function Display (MFD) device. The MW6 offers a simple plug-and-play installation with no programming necessary. Once installed between the MFD and supported Clarion marine source units, boaters will be able to control various audio system functions, including power on / off, source selection, play / pause, next / previous track and more, directly from the UI of their MFD. Additionally, the MW6 enables two-way communication between a Clarion source unit and MFD, providing the MFD feedback regarding source selection, song / track / album title, radio frequency and more to display within the GUI.

 Compatible Clarion Source Unit
 Multi-Function Display
 Rador [ARPA]
 GPS Receiver
 Trunk Termination Resistor
 Speed Transducer
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