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Bring Wireless Communication into Your Car Anytime.


Parrot Bluetooth® for Hands-Free Communication, Access to Phonebook and Stereo Audio Streaming

Built-in Parrot Bluetooth provides hands-free telephone communication, with comprehensive compatibility to a variety of mobile phones. With a built-in microphone and Phonebook access, you can safely talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on your mobile phone with Bluetooth audio streaming.

Enjoy interactive Pandora® Anytime on the Road

The source unit’s Pandora feature works together with the Pandora app on your iPhone®/iPod® touch, so you can listen to Pandora in your car. Select from different song selections based on musical genre, etc. Pandora is interactive, so it plays songs while you feedback a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” which is reflected in future selections. Song information, as well as the ability to bookmark Artists/Songs, or even create your own station, are supported by the Pandora App on your smartphone.

Seamless Enjoyment with Superior iPhone and iPod Connectivity

Just connect using the USB cable supplied with your iPhone or iPod, and you’ll get integrated control for easy access to your music. You can also watch videos with an optional CCA750 cable and external monitor. One of the benefits of integrated operation is the Simple Control function, which allows operation using the iPhone/iPod controls that you’re used to using, in addition to controllability from the source unit. The ABC Search function lets you list up the names of Songs and Artists stored on your iPod that start with the alphabet letter you choose. This is much more convenient than going through a long list of everything, or having to tap-in a specific name. What’s more, your iPhone or iPod battery is charged while connected to the source unit, so it’s ready to go at full power the moment you reach your destination.

* Please see our website for details of compatible iPod / iPhone models.

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Video Browsing Control
Video browsing lets you conveniently enjoy video content stored on iPod / iPhone via connected monitor.

SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio (SiriusXM-Connect Vehicle Tuner) Fills the Miles with Smiles

Just install the SiriusXM-Connect Vehicle Tuner to receive over 130 channels, including the most commercial-free music, plus the best sports, news, talk and entertainment. With the Song Alerts, Artist Alerts and Replay function, you can always keep up to date with your favorite songs and artists. Supports iTunes Tagging to flag songs you liked and purchase them later through iTunes Store.

HD Radio™ Ready (THD301) for a Listening Experience that’s Smooth as Silk

Installing the optional THD301 receiver module lets you receive HD Radio signals with CD quality. What’s more, you get to use various functions such as iTunes Tagging, so if you hear a song you like, you can easily tag it and download it to your iPod/iPhone later. Traffic alerts, news and other real-time information keep you up to speed.

Front AUX Input Lets You Easily Connect to External Sources

By now you might have a wide variety of music sources, from the latest digital device to the worn-out analog machine. Whatever it is, as long as it has an AUX output or headphone jack, you can easily hook it up to the head unit’s AUX input right on the front panel, for continued enjoyment.

Digital Time Alignment with 3-way Crossover

Digital Time Alignment assures that the sound from each speaker reaches the listener at the same time for perfect sonic imaging. The 3-way crossover separates the sound into different bands to match each speaker’s output range.

Front AUX Input Lets You Easily Connect to External Sources

In addition to providing 3 preset equalization patterns — BASS BOOST, IMPACT and EXCITE — Clarion’s Beat EQ Plus allows you freedom to customize each pattern by dividing the sound spectrum into 5 bands. You can finely adjust the sound to your liking, for a more fulfilling listening experience.

Built-in High Pass and Low Pass Filters

The internal High Pass and Low Pass Filters allow your music to be played at the precise levels that they were meant to be heard. Enjoy bass with more muscle and highs with more clarity.

50W × 4 with MOS-FET Power Amp

CZ702 has a MOS-FET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) power amplifier capable of delivering 50W x 4 of high quality sound with superior linearity and less distortion than conventional power amps even with the volume cranked up.

728 Variable-Color Illumination for Just the Right Look for Your Car

You’re free to select the exact color you want, to match your car’s instrument panel or match your mood today.

6-Channel / 5-Volt RCA Output for Quality and Expandability

With 3 sets of RCA outputs, 2-channels each, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What’s more, the 5-volt output assures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.
Power Output:
 19W × 4 RMS (4Ω@14.4V≤1% THD+N)
Signal to Noise Ratio:
 94dB (Ref; 1W into 4Ω)

Remote Control Included

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