New Music Locker feature added to MyClarion Member Service

Register your device to MyClarion now and install the Music Sync application to enjoy Music Locker ClarionMiND Edition. ClarionMiND's Music Locker service allows you to load your music collection online, create playlists, and listen on the web or on your ClarionMiND. Your music, anywhere.

Features include

* Music Locker ClarionMiND Edition: a full-featured web player for listening to and managing your music collection has features especially suited for the screen size of the ClarionMiND. Also accessible through your web browser on the MyClarion portal, Music Locker ClarionMiND Edition includes helpful music links to YouTube, and Wikipedia.

* Music Sync: exclusively developed for the ClarionMiND, Music Sync lets you download music from your favorite playlists directly to the ClarionMiND.

With your ClarionMiND and Music Sync - powered by the MP3tunes Locker - you can wirelessly sync and listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Load. Sync. Listen.


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