“Pulse On America” to feature Clarion Corporation of America -- A global leader in the mobile electronics industry

August 10, 2006, Detroit, MI – Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Clarion Corporation of America for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be shown in a segment on “Selecting the Best Automotive Electronics for your Car or RV” in our Automotive Electronics Series.

The Clarion Corporation’s product line for 2006 melds innovative technological advances together to create a unique multimedia experience in your vehicle. Powerful features such as flawless disc playback, 5.1 channel surround sound, HDD (hard disk drive) navigation connectivity, touch-screen control, and unmatched iPod integration create an A/V (audio-visual) control center that is easy to use and install.

The new Clarion VRX765VD DVD Multimedia System has a 7-inch motorized touch-screen monitor, which is the hub for all control functions and information display. Its control menus keep operation simple, to help minimize driver distraction. Clarion had formerly introduced on-screen iPod emulation in 2005, and now introduces iPod video integration, allowing for complete on-screen viewing and audio control of all third-generation and newer iPod units. The station’s embedded interface also provides full pre-amp level audio integration and can directly charge the iPod. Clarion’s 2-Zone Entertainment feature offers additional options and allows rear seat passengers to hear through a completely different source, via wireless headphones.

Clarion’s portable N.I.C.E. P200 navigation and entertainment device is versatile and promotes mobility, acting as a navigator, entertainer and organizer. With simple destination input via the 4-inch LCD touch-screen, turn-by-turn voice prompts and selectable route guidance, this unit is all about convenience and easy operation. The N.I.C.E. P200 enables you to sync your contacts, schedule and address book with your P.C. It offers instant recall of the last 40 destinations, includes 2 million points of interest in its database and holds up to 4,000 contacts.

“We are very excited to offer a portable product that fits in with consumer lifestyles” stated Adam Thomas, Clarion’s Vice President of Marketing. “The N.I.C.E. P200 incorporates the latest innovative technologies, and is an invaluable tool for navigation, maintaining contact information and as an entertainment device capable of storing tremendous amounts of information.”

Clarion’s MAX675VD multimedia unit, launching in September but not featured on the show, also offers many of the same features as the VRX765VD, as well as connection to an optional high capacity 30GB HDD navigation system. Touch-screen controls and voice commands quickly integrate navigation into everyday driving, and adds another layer of control and safety. Colorful mapping representation and 3D menu selections also make it safe and convenient for drivers to locate destinations all over the US and Canada.

Pulse on America airs in the Detroit, Chicago and Florida Markets starting on August 13, 2006 as scheduled below:

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Sun. 8/13 @ 1:24 PM

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Clarion Corporation of America, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a subsidiary of Tokyo based Clarion Company Limited. Clarion was established in Japan in 1940, and has always been responsible for many of the industry’s innovations, including the first car radio in 1950 and the first cassette car stereo in 1968 in Japan. They also introduced car CD players in 1987, first produced voice-guided car navigation systems in 1992, developed the AutoPC with Microsoft in 1998, and introduced HDD navigation in 2003. Clarion continues its dedicated research and development through its company Zandiant, which focuses solely on how to technologically enhance the in-car environment. They also continue to build upon their business relationships with many leading industry technology partners and consumer product companies. For more information, see http://www.clarion.com/.

Contacts: Sandi Newmark, Director of Public Relations

Platinum Television Group/New Line Media Solutions

(800) 597-1186

Angela Flynn, Director of OEM Marketing

Clarion Corporation of America

(248) 991-3236

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