Clarion’s N.I.C.E. Coming Soon

Gardena, CA (March 4, 2005) - Answering the call of today’s “infotainment age,” Clarion, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, will soon ship its transportable Navigation In-Car Entertainment system. Dubbed N.I.C.E., the unit encompasses what’s hot in today’s marketplace: navigation, music storage and playback, mobile video and Sirius Satellite Radio capability.

Harnessing a 20GB hard drive for information, music and photo storage, N.I.C.E. is a full-featured GPS navigation solution. Key features include point-to-point visual directions using its touch-screen-capable 7-inch digital TFT LCD screen; turn-by-turn voice guidance; automatic route recalculation; and 2 million points of interest.

“Clarion’s N.I.C.E. definitely has it all, as it mixes a full-featured navigation package with a host of entertainment options,” said Ralph Dominguez, Senior Product Planner for Clarion. “Best of all – with its built-in FM transmitter – N.I.C.E. will work with any sound system. This makes it perfect for leased or rented vehicles, or for that consumer who just can’t part ways with their existing stereo system.”

Sporting a sophisticated look with its gunmetal finish and compact design, N.I.C.E. also offers top-notch entertainment. Users can store MP3, WMA and WAV music files, as well as JPEG photos via the unit’s 2.0 USB port (port is also used for software updates). For video entertainment, N.I.C.E. has a dedicated A/V input for connecting an external DVD player or game console. Users can also add a rear-view camera via a dedicated port on the back of the unit.

Additionally, N.I.C.E. allows users to access Sirius’ more than 120 channels of original programming with Clarion’s NAVSIR, an optional package that includes a Sirius receiver and antenna.

Out of the box, N.I.C.E. includes a heavy-duty suction cup mount for simple installation; A/V input connections; rear-vision camera cable (includes reverse-trigger wire); and home and car power cables. The unit also comes equipped with a built-in speaker, built-on GPS antenna, and built-in FM transmitter for wireless audio transmissions.

“N.I.C.E. is the future today,” explains Dominguez. “It encompasses everything that’s hot in today’s industry - and it does it with style.”

The MSRP for N.I.C.E. is $1,399.99.

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