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March, 2000 / Clarion Sales Co., Ltd. founded.
April, 2000 / Five Clarion offices in Japan obtain ISO 14001 certification. December, 2000 / HCX Corporation established as joint venture between Hitachi, Clarion, and Xanavi Infomatics.
May, 2001 / Head office relocated to Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Japan.
August, 2001 / Clarion scholarship “MEDAMA” campaign started.
October, 2001 / In-vehicle terminal for ETC system marketed.
November, 2001 / “AutoPC CADIAS” exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show.
March, 2002 / Satellite radio receiver on sale in North America.
September, 2002 / Head office functions moved to Toda City, Saitama.
October, 2002 / Clarion Tohoku Seizo Co., Ltd. merged with the Automotive Products Production Department of Clarion Co., Ltd. and Clarion Logistics Co., Ltd. and renamed Clarion M&L Co., Ltd..
December, 2002 / Launched “AutoPC CADIAS”, first in-vehicle PC in Japan.
2002 Japan’s First
“AutoPC CADIAS” in-vehicle computer
released. Adopted Windows CE for
Automotive as the OS, and
“AccessNAVI” communication type
navigation system

February, 2003 / World’s first “bird’s-eye view” camera for rear-view system supplied to Nissan Motor. 

June, 2003 / HDD (Hard Disk Drive) equipped AV car navigation system marketed.
August, 2003 / Started delivering Car Audio to Shanghai General Motors, China. October, 

2003 / HDD (Hard Disk Drive) equipped AV car navigation system, compatible with “CARWINGS” of Nissan Motor Information Service.
February, 2004 / the world’s first Linux, Java J2ME CDC equipped in-vehicle information terminal for commercial vehicles marketed.

2004 World’s First
In-vehicle Information Terminal
for commercial vehicles with Linux
and Java J2ME CDC released
June, 2004 / the industry’s first 2DIN commercial sized, 7-inch monitor equipped HDD AV car navigation system marketed.
July, 2004 / First-in-the-industry bus FM teletext tuner for use in community bus stop name display marketed.
January, 2005 / First-in-the-industry AV center unit with iPod control via virtual onscreen iPod marketed in U.S..
2005 First in Industry
iPod full control function-equipped
Single-DIN AV center unit
VRX755VD released

March, 2005 / HDD AV-Navi System developed for all models for Porsche Japan. 

May, 2005 / First iPod compatible integrated AV-HDD Navigation unit developed for the Japanese market. 

June, 2006 / Car navigation introduced for first time in China and N. American markets. 

July, 2006 / Launched “Movieum”, Japan’s largest-scale travel and driving information website with video clips showing travel destinations. 

December, 2006 / Became a Hitachi group company. 

January, 2007 / Xanavi Informatics Corporation became 100% subsidiary. 

January, 2007 / Supplied car audio to Toyota Motor for the first time (contracted by Daihatsu Motor). 

April, 2007 / Bus location ASP service started. 

April, 2007 / Name change of Clarion M & L Co., Ltd. to Clarion Manufacturing “Protech” Co., Ltd., as production control and production engineering functions transferred from Clarion Co., Ltd. 

July, 2007 / Car navigation system for use in commercial vehicles “Solid Navi” (CQ- 8000) developed and introduced into the market.

2007 World’s First
Commercial use SDD navigation
system “Solid Navi” released

August, 2007 / Relocated our Headquarters to Saitama, Shintoshin. New facility named “Corporate Headquarters & Technology Center”. 

December, 2007 / Clarion’s 7-inch DVD Multimedia Station VRX935VD and 6-disc DVD Changer VCZ625 (both American market models) selected by NASA installation and the International Space Station (ISS). 

June, 2008 / High class navigation system, “CRASVIA” series and Memory type SDD navigation system “Smoonavi” series released.

“CRASVIA” (NX808) Terrestrial digital
TV tuner and Bluetooth equipped
7-inch wide VGA Double-DIN DVD/
HDD AV-Navi System released
2008年11月/携帯通信端末Clarion MiNDを北米で発売。
Mobile communication terminal
“ClarionMiND” released in North

April, 2009 / Xanavi Informatics Corp. (100% owned subsidiary) absorbed and merged 

April, 2009 / Company name of Clarion Sales Co., Ltd. changed to Clarion Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd.. 

July, 2009 / SDD navigation system delivered for the first time to Mitsubishi Motors’ electric car, “i-MiEV”. 

October, 2009 / Good Design Awards given to 5 of 2009 models. 

January, 2010 / Car audio delivered to “nano” of Tata Motors, India. 

April, 2010 / Clarion Manufacturing “Protech” Co., Ltd., and Clarion Service Co., Ltd.. merged with new name Clarion Manufacturing and Service Co., Ltd.. 

May, 2010 / “Smoonavi” 2010 series with Eco-Drive Advice and Save-energy Route Search functions released. 

October, 2010 / Head office registration transferred to Saitama Shintoshin; name of Headquarters / Technology Center changed to “Registered Head Office / Technology Center ” 

March, 2011 / First in the world full digital speakers for cars developed 

April, 2011 / Hakusan and Zama Offices moved to Saitama Shintoshin; Headquarters-Annex Office opened. 

June, 2012 / “Smart Access” cloud-based information network service for vehicles is launched in North America. 

June, 2012 / “Smart Access” cloud-based information network service compatible car navigation system released.

7-inch wide VGA Double-DIN digital
terrestrial TV/DVD/SDAV-Navigation
system “SD AV Navigation” (NX712)
December 2012 / “First-in-the-world, Full digital speaker system “01DRIVE” series released.
2012 World’s First
[First of the series] Vehicle mounted
full digital AV navigation/speaker
system “Z8/Z17F” released
[Second of the series] Portable full
digital speaker “ZP1” released
[Third of the series] Full digital speaker
built-in buried in ceiling “ZF160” released
2013年5月/Googleの音声認識・検索サービスを活用しSmart Accessのクラウドサービス拡充を発表
2013年11月/Googleの音声認識・検索サービスを活用した「Intelligent VOICE」に対応したカーナビゲーション「NX713」を発売
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