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Last year, Clarion implemented a new Global Brand with a harmonising brand and image for all markets worldwide. The change was highlighted with a newly designed logotype and a new corporate colour, "Azzurro". The keywords "Human Mobile Music Media Interface (Clarion HMI)" were introduced to underscore a new lifestyle.

On April 2nd Clarion goes one step further by launching a completely revamped web site at the address www.clarion.com.

"This new site is an important progress in reinforcement of our brand," explains Mr Kazumasa Okazawa, in charge of Clarion Tokyo Public Relation Department. "It comes along with the absolute need for consumers to be granted a brand that fully fits the products it corresponds to: exclusive, of high quality, but at the same time belonging to their life, to be useful and enjoyable."

The new web site layout is expected to express this environment. Dynamic, smooth and pleasant with rich information support.

Unlike many other international web sites, Clarion clearly chose a solution oriented to all its consumers. Apart from contents specially prepared for the American or Asian markets, the Clarion pages for Europe cover no less than 27 countries in 20 languages, all launched online at the same time on April 2nd."These are many languages, but a must. Already, we are expanding this site with new languages. The next countries to go “online” will be Romania, Croatia and Slovenia," announces Hiroyuki Fukumoto, in charge of Clarion global web site development at Clarion Tokyo.

"However, we are not only focusing on corporate and product information. Consumers can also enjoy our great partnership for 2007 with Jamiroquai on the special, brand-new web site: http://hmi.clarion.com. Please pay a visit! It is purely made for pleasure."

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