Main Units

Stimulate your senses in style

Clarion’s expertise in in-vehicle audio and acoustical technologies enables the development of next-generation solutions that offer a new level of satisfaction.

From superior sound performance to seamless integration with the newest media, Clarion main units bring major benefits into your car, at high speed.

CZ Series concept — “Starburst” style

CZ500A/ CZ200A/ CZ100A are characterised by the “starburst” control button array, appearing prominently on the front panel. These buttons are grouped to offer intuitive and direct operation along with the large, blue-illuminated rotary volume control, and also play a major part in giving the series its new look. CZ Series: The new star on the block.

FB Series concept — Solid wave

FB276BT/ FB286BTB are also mechanism-free, linking to enjoyment through its SD card slot, as well as built-in Bluetooth® wireless connection. From the solid look and feel of the edge-lit control panel to the simplicity of the central volume control, these source units provide an H.M.I. that is in tune with today’s users. FB Series: Linked to you.

FZ Series concept — Less is more

FZ709A/ FZ409A feature a mechanism-free design, without any disc drives or other moving parts, for superior resistance to shocks and vibrations. The H.M.I. features an OEL (Organic Electro Luminescence) display that delivers graphics as smooth as silk with a simple icon capacitive touch zone providing intuitive and easy operation. FZ Series: Minimalism at its best.

2-DIN solution — Big on convenience

If your car accepts 2-DIN installation, the CX609A or DUZ386MP could be the solution that fits your needs.

Both feature a centre-positioned volume control and large buttons for easy operation, taking advantage of the larger surface area allowed by the 2-DIN configuration.

Superb sound

Sculpt the sound to match your preference or environment. Beat EQ’s 3-band parametric equaliser, 24-bit D/A converter to maximise DVD and CD source quality, BBE® MP to improve the sound of compressed digital audio, and more, all contribute to the creation of richer sound with more impact.

• BBE MP Process

* This diagram illustrates the BBE MP effect

• Manufactured under license from BBE Sound, Inc.

• Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. under one or more of the following US patents: 5510752, 5736897. BBE and BBE symbol are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc.

Superior iPod® and iPhone™ connectivity

Just connect* your iPod to the main unit’s front (CZ309A) or rear (CZ500A/ DXZ786USB/ DXZ586USB/ FZ709A/ FZ409A/ CZ200A/ CZ609A/ DUZ386MP) USB terminal to get direct control. For FZ709A/ FZ409A/ CX609A this includes “ABC Search” and “Simple Control” functions. Additionally, the CZ500A/ CZ200A have been designed to connect to iPhone and has been certified as “Works with iPhone” to integrate its communication and entertainment capabilities into your car system.

* To connect iPod, please use the cable included with your iPod.

* Please visit the Clarion website "iPod Connecting List" for iPod models that can be connected.

Bluetooth® compatibility

Connect with various devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 Players via the built-in wireless Bluetooth interface (CZ500A/ FZ709A/ FB286BTB/ FB276BT/ CX609A) or through the optional BLT370 (DXZ786USB/ DXZ586USB/ FZ409A/ CZ309A/ CZ200A/ CZ100A/ DUZ386MP/ DUB276MP/ DUB276MPW). CZ500A/ FZ709A support HSP/ HFP profiles for hands-free, A2DP/ AVRCP for audio streaming, plus FZ709A also supports PBAP for phonebook access. CX609A supports HFP/ OPP for hands-free and phonebook access and A2DP/ AVRCP for audio streaming. FB286BTB/ FB276BT support HFP for hands-free and A2DP/ AVRCP for audio streaming. The optional BLT370 supports HSP/ HFP/ A2DP/ AVRCP.

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