Corporate Vision

A Vision of a Future that’s Leaps and Bounds Ahead.
Creating the Next Stage with the Power of Dreams.

Clarion has continued to lead the industry as the front-runner among dedicated manufacturers of in-vehicle equipment. Now, as we look back upon the path we have traveled thus far, we feel the urge to make a fresh start. Our new corporate vision, “Vision-70”, was created out of this desire, expressing the ideals we must strive for as we look toward our company’s 70th anniversary in 2010: In an environment of “Mobile-Infoentertainment” where people can enjoy sound and information in their cars, we will create products that emphasize a “Fresh Feeling of Safety” and “Fresh Pleasure” and provide excitement and satisfaction to our customers.

The “company of value” in the coming age will not solely pursue profit, but will thoroughly fulfill its corporate responsibilities, be trusted by all of society and not mention its customers, and be viewed as an indispensable enterprise.

Therefore, one of our responsibilities is to send a clear message to society about the path we ourselves are to follow. Clarion regards our new corporate vision, “Vision-70”, as a commitment to society, and all staffs of whole group have already started moving toward a new ideal and target.

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