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Business Outline

Next Generation Products Leading the In-Vehicle Device Arena
Recent breathtaking advances in information technology and the incredible spread of smartphones have strongly impacted the automotive industry. Users are now able to “connect to the outside world” from the confines of their own car and access a large volume and wide range of information and services. Reflecting this innovative market environment, Clarion has declared its medium-term slogan, “From In-Vehicle Information Device Manufacturer to In-Vehicle Information Solution Provider”, as we aim to be a company that delivers new value to our customers, as only we can, by comprehensively managing Internet information, camera image and sensor information, and vehicle control information. As part of our transformation into an “In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider”, since the fiscal year 2012, Clarion has implemented its vision “moves you, connects you” on a global scale. This perfectly conveys the Clarion brand concept: "By keeping you connected to sound, information, convenience, and safety...Clarion moves you."

IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) Systems/Cloud-Based Information Network Services for Vehicles

As part of its "Smart Access" cloud-based information network service for vehicles, Clarion launched a cutting-edge cloud service utilizing Google™ voice recognition technology, allowing users to search for information from the vast quantity of information provided by Google™.
Clarion's newly developed "Intelligent VOICE" technology has made it possible for users to search for the information they need from the huge volume of information available on the Internet, even using ambiguous expressions. Clarion will be providing new value to users all over the world by rolling out the “Smart Access” service on a global scale, and continuously releasing compatible in-vehicle devices.

Full-Digital Speaker System "01DRIVE" Series

Clarion has expanded its "01DRIVE" series of products. Following on from the car audio speakers launched in December 2012, which balance eco-friendliness with premium sound, Clarion introduced a portable product, and then a full-digital speaker that can be used anywhere in the home – from the living room to the kitchen or even the bathroom – for the enjoyment of high-quality sound.
As the world's only full-digital speaker system, transmission from the digital source to the speaker units is fully digital (digital to digital), and by directly driving the speaker, the user is provided with high-quality sound that is virtually indistinguishable from the source.

Safe Driving Support System (Intelligent Safety)

Recent years have seen a growing rise in the demand for car cameras, which provide drivers with a sense of safety and security. In addition to conventional rear-vision cameras, Clarion is developing and marketing the Overhead View Monitor that provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle, as well as sensing systems to alert the driver of approaching pedestrians and cars, and other innovative applications. Clarion has formulated and implemented its Intelligent Safety "Safe & Secure" Systems Business Plan, and is promoting its Intelligent Safety Business, taking full advantage of our camera sensing and communications systems.

Camera Systems for Commercial Use

Clarion has developed its comprehensive lineup of products for use in commercial vehicles based on cutting-edge technologies and with a focus on safety and security. These products demonstrate a superior level of performance, even under demanding work conditions. Clarion was the first in-vehicle device manufacturer in Japan to commercialize digital wireless camera systems for a wide range of commercial vehicles (including trucks and specialty vehicles), meeting the desire for simplified wiring. Clarion will continue to introduce great products into the market that meet users' varying needs.

[About the Intelligent Safety Business] Clarion has formulated and implemented its Intelligent Safety "Safe & Secure" Systems Business Plan, while also realizing the "Smart Cockpit" concept and establishing a reliability assurance system to achieve "zero defects" and innovative production methods. Building on this solid foundation, Clarion is promoting its Intelligent Safety Business, taking full advantage of our camera sensing and communications systems.

OEM Business with Outstanding Achievements in the Global Market

With its superb technology and highly flexible production systems, Clarion has earned a strong reputation in the global market, and in the OEM∗ market in particular, where we supply OEM certified parts, Clarion has built secure and long-lasting relationships of trust with major automotive manufacturers. Our business in the OEM market began as early as 1951, when we delivered our first original radio to Hino-Renault. We now supply an extensive range of in-vehicle devices to customers all over the world, and this is arguably the backbone of our business. In the future, with the spread of EVs (Electric Vehicles) and HVs (Hybrid Vehicles) in developed nations, there will be an increased demand for more advanced in-vehicle device capabilities. On the other hand, in rapidly growing emerging markets, products tailored to the diverse requirements of different markets will be needed. In this fast-changing in-vehicle device market, Clarion aims to further expand its OEM business on a global scale, supported by its vehicle adaptation technologies developed over many years and its ability to develop innovative new products that meet customer needs one step ahead of the times.
*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing

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Supporting Safety & Security With Firmly Established In-Vehicle Image Recognition Technology

Clarion is committed to developing systems that support safe driving. We have already developed and supplied automotive manufacturers with camera systems that give drivers a clear view of the outside world, including detection of moving objects, lane detection, parking assistance, and detection of obstacles approaching the rear of the vehicle. Our parking support systems in particular have been designed with a focus on ease of use, incorporating an Overhead View Monitor that supports drivers who find parking difficult.
Our safe driving support systems also help to reduce traffic accidents, incorporating image recognition systems that send a warning to the vehicle during driving. These safe driving support systems will continue to evolve as vehicle safety control systems, and in the future it is expected that they will increasingly become an important function of next-generation vehicles (automatic driving and parking).
For now, Clarion is committed to product development that facilitates the application of these vehicle safety control systems, with the goal of realizing an even safer and more comfortable driving experience.

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