Using a DVD player with the VRX815 in the Non-Slaved Mode

You can use the DVS9755z with the VRX815 in a non-slaved mode. You will need to use the DVS9755z’s display panel/controller and IR remote control to operate all functions of the unit, however, you can use the front channel RCA line level output from the DVS9755z as well as the video output to run audio/video to the VRX815. When in the non-slaved mode, the VRX815’s internal amplifiers/line outputs are activated, so a simple 4-channel system can be used with the VRX815’s internal amps and either the DVS9755z or the VS715 as the DVD player.

In this mode, there is no dedicated DVD source select on the VRX815. The source select will be called visual, which can be accessed from the VRX815’s touch screen. You will then use the RCA composite video input marked TV as well as the 2 channel RCA line level inputs on the VRX815’s hide away box. Again, a CCA389 cable IS NOT REQUIRED for this configuration.

Also, be aware that in the DVS9755z non-slaved mode, or when using the VS715, there will be no touch screen control of either DVD player, nor will any of the VRX815’s function buttons or IR remote work the DVD players. The VS715’s remote will control its functions, and you will be able to see its on-screen programming display on the VRX815’s 7” screen. You will also be able to play MP3’s with this system through the audio section of the VRX815.

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