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The Multimedia Station type flagship model has now expanded to transform your car into a full-scale entertainment environment. Its wide range of functions includes 5.1-channel surround sound compatibility and 2-Zone system, highly efficient high-speed operation processing and the capacity for future upgrades that responds to current- and future-oriented driver's needs. This all-in-one model supports a wide range of media, including DVD-video, music and video CDs, MP3 data recorded on CD-R/RW discs and even iPod® control, providing many useful functions within one neat, compact body. Take a closer look at the new 2006 Clarion lineup, you'll see, hear, feel the difference and find the model that perfectly suits your own unique multimedia sense of style.

Striking, vivid image experience that will revolutionise conventional driving

High definition overhead monitor reproduces strikingly clear images from condensed image sources such as DVD video, without losing any of the original quality. In addition, the 5.1-channel surround sound system splits and reproduces Dolby Digital, dts and other theatrical sound signals through individual speakers, creating a powerful and exciting movie theatre style surround sound experience. This combination of dynamic images and realistic crystal clear sound with the simple, smooth usability of highly advanced functions creates an astounding entertainment environment inside the vehicle, which can easily match any home theatre system.

The concept of rear entertainment redefining the next-generation in-car environment

Most people want to add more excitement to long drives with family or friends, instead of feeling like they are just moving from one place to the next. But not all of the passengers want to listen to the same music. However, if each of the passengers could enjoy their favourite contents throughout the trip, the entire driving scene would be much more pleasurable. By separating the interior of the car into the front seat space and back seat space, and by using a 2-Zone system that can play back separate audio or visual sources independently from each other, it is possible to create an entirely new in-car environment that until now has only been a dream. So while the front seat passengers are listening to their favourite CD or watching a DVD, the back seat passengers can be absorbed in a video game, making it possible to create two completely different audio-visual areas within the same car. Starting with its 2-Zone system that embodies the concept of rear entertainment, Clarion has a lineup of products that respond to the widest variety of user needs, including an overhead monitor perfect for mini-vans, or compact monitor models for the headrests.

Infinite possibilities of musical style starting from your car

You can now enjoy music recorded on your iPod in whatever driving scene. There are no doubts that musical style is now seamless. Track names are displayed unchanged from the iPod, and main operations can be performed from the touch panel. What’s more, the iPod batteries are charged automatically simply by connecting it to the unit, which means you can continue to listen to your favourite tunes for as long as you like, without having to worry about the amount of battery life you have left. Clarion brings you the combination and versatility of a wide range of media such as DVD, CD and iPod, truly expanding and freeing your musical enjoyment.

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