Your car system is as unique as you are — so maybe you’ll want to add options that will expand your car navigational possibilities. More flexible, more customized, more in-tune with your driving lifestyle. Clarion has all the components you need.

  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • TeleAtlas Maps


Simply connect Clarion’s hide-away unit to enjoy car navigation that’s fine-tuned for the specific needs of drivers in Asia.

Map coverage

Malaysia / Singapore / Thai / Indonesia / Brunei

● All-in-one map data for the above five countries will enable navigation assisted driving in this region with seamless convenience.

● Displays are available in 4 languages, and voiced guidance can be selected from 4 languages used in Asia for intuitive and comfortable navigation.

● With more than 15 main categories and more than 80 sub-categories, rich POI content lets you easily access just about any point of interest.

*The number of category may differ in each region

● Map coverage reaches 100% of major Road network in Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, so you can count on precise and efficient navigation without waste.

  • Direct connection with VZ509A
  • VX709A/VZ709A requires CCB509 interface
  • System integration: Touch screen operation, AV interruption, navigation voice guidance and audio mix
  • Stand-alone mode available (optional SA509 required)
  • Built-in 2GB flash memory for navigation
  • SD card slot for map updating
  • SiRF III GPS module with 20-channel receiver
  • No speed pulse connection required
  • Navigation: please refer to navigation features for NX509A

3D Rendering for added realism and driving accuracy

The realistic 3D graphical representations of your driving environment are augmented by a host of full-fledged navigation functions.

For more information on navigation features, please refer to NX509A for details.

3D map

2D map

Navigation menu

3D landmark

Signpost information

Night mode

SD card for updates

In addition to the built-in data, new maps or updates are made easy to upload through the dedicated SD slot.

Flexibility to integrate and create the navigation system you want

Since the navigation unit can be connected to a variety of multimedia main units to comprise an integrated car navigation system, it is possible to incorporate navigation into a variety of in-car systems.

Direct connection for simple installation

Directly connect the NP509A hide-away navigation unit to the VZ509A and you’ll have a navigation system offering touch panel operation and interactive voice guidance; music is muted when an instruction is announced.

Easy to integrate with CeNET converter

To add car navigation functionality to the VZ709A or VX709A main units, simply install the NP509A hide-away unit via CCB509 CeNET converter, and enjoy integrated map displays and voice guidance.

Navigation can be added to entry level models

Even entry-level multimedia main units such as VZ409A and VX409A can be enhanced with car navigation functionality by using the SA509 stand-alone accessory kit.

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