Bluetooth® allows hands-free communications with a wireless connection to your mobile phone to support safer communications on the road. Just speak with your hands firmly on the wheel and the other party will hear you. And you, likewise, hear the person you are talking to from your car’s speakers. What’s more, iPod® control lets you listen to the music on your iPod®, as well as enjoy photos and video, broadening the enjoyment of motoring to cover entertainment as well as communications.

Bluetooth technology in the car makes communications easier and safer

  • Headset and hands-free profile
  • Bluetooth Audio-streaming and remote-control capability
  • Bluetooth audio transmitter DGL370 ready
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free use

*Compatible with VRX586USB, VRX386USB, DUZ386MP, DUB276MPW, DUB276MP, DXZ786USB, DXZ586USB, DXZ386USB, DB286USB, DB186MP, MAX676VD, VRX776VD, VRX576USB, VRX376USB, DXZ776USB, DXZ676USB, DXZ576USB, DXZ476MP, DXZ376MP, DXZ276MP and DB176MP

Bluetooth® & Mobile-phone

Use Bluetooth compatible mobile-phones for hands-free use as well as play streaming audio through your vehicles audio system. Connecting wirelessly with mobile-phones that utilize Bluetooth profiles (A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP) has never been simpler, and Clarion delivers the connection.

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