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Music more than just sound, it’s a personal life style.

From hip-hop, reggae, jazz and even disco, we all move to the beat of a different drum.

With the options for having your music at your side more diverse, Clarion has adopted an ‘Any Source, Any Time’ way of thinking.

With provisions for USB memory devices, SD card slots, front panel auxiliary inputs and easy to use iPod® interfaces, there’s no portable device you can’t enjoy through your audio system.

AUX (Input) Terminal in Front for Quick Connection with Portable Music Players

Plug it in and crank it up! Connect any audio and video portable device, The front panel auxiliary input featured on several source units provides connectivity with clarity.

USB Terminal to Increase Connectivity to Variety of Peripheral Devices

Drag and drop - that’s all you have to do to copy your entire music collection onto a USB memory stick.

Then simply plug it in to your Clarion USB-enabled radio and listen to countless hours of your favourite music. For 2007, Clarion USB-enabled radios will allow you to access 15,000 songs from a single USB device, and view ID3 tag information to let you know what you’re listening to.

Control of iPod®s on the Main Unit

The EA1276 interface takes iPod integration to another level. Featuring the capability of navigation through playlist, similar to changing tracks on a CD. The EA1276 will charge the battery in your iPod as you listen, so you’ll be ready to go when you arrive at your destination.

Support of Wide Variety of Digital Era Media and Compression Formats

Buying music online is as easy is a click of the mouse. Now, playing that music is just as easy. Clarion adds Apple iTunes® AAC file support to our existing MP3 and WMA compressed digital audio compatibility.

“Sound Restorer” to Complement Lost Sound Contents during Compression

When audio files are compressed into MP3, WMA, or AAC formats, every attempt is made to remove only that information which is not easily heard, this is called perceptual encoding. The drawback is that frequencies over 10kHz are often lost or distorted.

Clarion’s exclusive “Sound Restorer” processing recreates those subtle nuances and harmonics back into the recording. Compressed music files, won’t sound like compressed music.

Original Track (CD)

Compressed Track (MP3)

“Sound Restorer” ON

SLIDETRAK Sideways Control

Clarion takes HMI to the next level with SLIDETRAK for precise control of key features on the main unit.

Simply swipe your fingertip to easily adjust the volume. Preset radio stations and CD track controls are also incorporated into the multifunctional display, so you can navigate through preset stations or select your favourite music track by sliding your finger to a side of the display. SLIDETRAK also maximises available space on the main unit to create a large, easy-to-read display.

SHOOTING STAR, Buttons Put Together to Associate with Image of Shooting Stars

Advances in HMI design take many forms. The new DB176MP through DXZ476MP feature our new Shooting Star control panel design. Shooting Star puts all the controls as close as possible to the driver and allows for a larger, easier to read LCD display that contains more information. A centrally located rotary volume knob punctuates this advanced design.

Cool Design, Totally Different from Units in the Past, FB276BT

Clarion isn’t afraid to be different this is what was behind the design of FB276BT. A unique feature set combined with our Metal Shark design makes this deck stand out in the crowd. Unconventional materials, indirect lighting and aggressive styling combine to make a source unit that will attract attention, even before you turn up the volume.

An Image of Modern Living Room for Cars, DUB276MP/276MPW

Tired of the same old thing? Clarion designers thrive of creativity - the result is DUB276MP/ 276MPW an unconventional approach to an unconventional product. DUB276MP/276MPW incorporates a simple and stylish design, one that is smooth and clean. The HMI interface is simple and effective, adding to the uncluttered look. Add unique features like frontpanel auxiliary input and USB with variable colour illumination, and DUB276MP/ 276MPW stands out in more ways that one.

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