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This plant represents the largest manufacturing base in the Clarion Group. The facility is a comprehensive manufacturing plant that handles everything from component building to final assembly. The plant boasts an annual production capacity of greater than 3 million units, and the products built there are shipped to markets worldwide. Furthermore, sales and R&D functions are also integrated within the facility in order to further develop the domestic Chinese market.
Company name Dongguan Clarion Orient Electronics Co., Ltd.
Established April 1995
Lot Size 25,335m2
Staff 2,359
Product Line Car stereos, Car CD, Tuner packs
Certifications ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001
The Dongguan Factory of Clarion (H.K.) Industrial specializes in the manufacturing of mechanisms. The facility is a central provider of various mechanisms to plants in Hungary, Southeast Asia and Japan. When put together with CXEE, the two facilities combine to manufacture almost 90% of all necessary mechanisms for the Clarion Group from China.
Company name Clarion (H.K.) Industrial Co., Ltd. Clarion Dongguan Factory
Established April 1996
Staff 1,362
Product Line CD mechanisms, MD mechanisms, DVD mechanisms, CD changers
Certifications ISO9001, QS9000, Q1, ISO14001
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  2. Dongguan Clarion Orient Electronics Co., Ltd.
  3. Overview

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