Lithuanian [Informacija apie gaminius]

2007 CeNET Main unit

Y : Available
N : Unavailable
*1 Error 3 (reading error) occurs if the FF (fast-forward) or FB (fast-backward) button is pressed at the beginning or end of a track. If this happens, release the button.
*2 CCA723 is required for playback of video contents. Videos can be controlled by touch panel screen of Clarion products.
*3 Video contents cannot be operated with the main unit's touch panel.
*4 Pictures or videos cannot be displayed.
*5 Error 5 (USB identification error) may occur if the engine is started or the ACC power turned on and off while connected. Reset the iPod to solve the problem.
*6 For tracks with titles in Chinese, the display may turn off and the pause mode is set when the title is selected from MENU -> PLAYLIST.
*7 "On-The-Go" playlists cannot be played. They can be played after synchronization with iTunes.
*8 During connected with Clarion products, "Accessary Connected" is shown on iPod display.
*9 Playlists may not be played. Please reconnect iPod to restore.
*10 Please stop iPod before connecting with Clarion products.
*11 Smart Playlists are not supported.
*12 "Trick Play" function may not work.
*13 Video is not available because "Video" button is not shown on Clarion products.
*14 Videos are not available.
*15 The repeat and random functions may not work.
*16 There are restrictions to displaying characters other than English letters and numbers. In this case, "*" is displayed.
*17 It does not support to charge battery.
*18 AudioBook can be played back, but playback speed can not be changed.
*19 It is not available to play chapter up/down when playing an AudioBook.
*20 By the use situation, there is the case that display is not correct.
*21 It does not support to play video / television program / movie / other video function. Please use only music mode.
*22 It does not support to charge battery.
*23 CCUIPOD2 is required.
*24 CCUIPOD3 is required.
*25 EA1251B is required.
*26 Some operation is not available on the set while in simple control mode.
*27 Chapter function may not work normally.
*28 It will not display the track/video files in more than 2 level deep Hierarchical folders.
*29 Some function keys may not work normally.
*30 It may play AudioBook unstable.
* PICTURE function is not available for all models
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  5. 2007 CeNET Main unit

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