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"Next GATE” Consistently Provides New Value in the Car Interior to Evolve Automotive Lifestyles

“Next GATE” smartphone controller for iPhone® is an innovative device that is totally different from conventional in-car products as it enables continuous connectivity to information via iPhone while in your car. In addition to letting people use the apps they have stored on their iPhones, “Next GATE” enables intuitive and safe access to a variety of information via iPhone.

In addition to its easy operation, simple connectivity, and exceptional functionality, “Next GATE” also offers a major advantage in being able to upgrade its functions in a continuous manner. Through connection with Clarion’s “Smart Access” cloud service for vehicle, it is possible to download applications to iPhone and enjoy enhanced safety, comfort and convenience with Bluetooth® hands-free voice communication, iPhone voice dialing, and voice recognition.

Clarion is currently working with various unique application development partners to expand the functionality of “Next GATE”. In the future, many more partners are expected to join. By connecting to “Smart Access”, "Next GATE” is able to deliver cutting-edge functions to a wide range of drivers regardless of type of vehicle.


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