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Implementation of “Intelligent Tune” Original Sound Signal Processing Technology in Products

In recent years, Clarion has been concentrating on using DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to further improve the quality of sound and convenience. By virtue of our original sound signal processing technology called “Intelligent Tune”, it becomes possible to achieve ideal quality sound in the acoustically harsh environment of the car. Our latest products are equipped with “Vocal Image Control” that extracts the center elements of the sound source and adjusts their positions so that it feels like the vocalist is right in front of you; “Virtual Bass” that enriches bass sound by adding harmonics to the fundamental tone; “Sound Restorer” that restores the high frequency range that has been lost in compressed audio data to recreate sound quality that is indiscernible from the original; and “Volume Smoother” that attenuates the volume disparity that can occur when switching audio sources to maintain the ideal volume.

Intelligent Tune

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