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Eco Driving with the Global Environment in Mind

Clarion has been promoting “Green Navigation” concept with technologies and product designs to assist more eco-friendly driving. We have introduced features such as “Save-energy Route Search” to find the route that uses the least fuel and “Eco-Drive Advice.” These features bring about reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel bills, and are friendlier to both the planet and drivers. It is foreseen that more HVs and EVs will come into use. We intend to continue developing eco-drive technologies that are a perfect match for these next-generation cars with ecological consideration in the future.

Save-energy Route Search

Searches for most fuel-efficient route based on various criteria

  • Ups and downs requiring frequent acceleration?
  • How congested?
  • Distance to reach destination? etc.

For example…

(1) Expressway: Can reach destination fast but is long way around and is sometimes congested.
(2) Mountain road: Shortest travel distance but lots of ups/downs require frequent acceleration/deceleration.
(3) Surface street: Slightly longer distance but flat, with less congestion to reach destination faster.

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