Clarion Manufacturing "Protech" Co., Ltd.

Clarion Manufacturing "Protech" was established as a way to improve the management system associated with production, technology and quality within the group of satellite plants located in Fukushima Prefecture. Presently, production management, production technology, component inspection, quality inspection, and component procurement functions have all been centralized at this facility. In addition, the facility acts as the consolidated management center for all production functions worldwide.


  • 50 shimotagawara Aza Kanaya Tamura-Machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan 963_0725


  • October 1978

Lot Size

  • 8,419,361m2

No. of Employees

  • 890

Product Line

  • Car CD, Car MD, Car Cassettes, Car Radios, Navigation Systems, Car TV, CCD Cameras, Peripherals devices such as Antenna-amplifier, Satellite radios, Various mechanisms (CD/MD/Cassette/DVD), Various tuner devices, Communication devices.


  • ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001

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