A New Relationship between Human and the Automobile

  • Linking together automobiles in an information network

The new era of automobiles is close at hand. Soon, an information network will link all automobiles together and allow mutual communications for exchanging traffic information and transmitting emergency information. Clarion plays an active role in the rapid evolution of the Telematics era through the commercialization of in-car computing system and the development of next-generation platforms thawould greatly enhance the convenience of public transportation.

  • Providing a new operating environment for drivers

In order to maximize the performance of sophisticated in-vehicle equipment, it is necessary to provide drivers with a comfortable driving environment in which they can operate the equipment safely. It is Clarion’s mission to pursue the development of an HMI (Human Machine Interface) toward a new relationship between human and machine, such as the hands-free system and operation-enhancing designs.

  • Realizing a safe and secure traffic environment

Even with the advancements that are being made in technology and traffic infrastructure, the number of fatal traffic accidents that occur every year does not decrease. Clarion is constantly seeking ways to realize a safe and comfortable car society free of accidents. Some of its efforts are directed toward the development and commercialization of an IMTS (Intelligent Multimode Transit System) that would allow automatic driving while maintaining an appropriate distance among vehicles and an in-vehicle camera that displays a vehicle’s blind spots on a monitor.

  • Optimizing an increasingly diverse in-vehicle sound environment

Clarion is constantly in pursuit of quality sound in a car. We are currently developing a new technology for creating a virtual sound environment that can realistically simulate the sound output of a product. By enhancing the development environment for car audio-visual equipment in response to increasingly diverse automobile structures and greater needs for superior sound quality, Clarion will continue to always offer new, quality sounds.

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