Japan Ergonomics Society Certifies Clarion “NX609” & “NX309” AV-Navi Systems Good Practice Examples

Highly evaluated for their eye-friendly shape and color scheme screen design ideal for seniors with impaired color discrimination and others with imperfect color vision

The Japan Ergonomics Society(*) has certified as examples of good practice the domestic model NX609/NX309 7-inch wide screen-equipped 2-DIN integrated AV-Navi System manufactured by Clarion Co., Ltd. (President: Tatsuhiko Izumi). The Japan Ergonomics Society Public Relations Committee provides samples of ergonomically well-designed products as part of its activities to disseminate information to society on ergonomic applicable fields, with a view to promoting an ergonomic society by spreading and enhancing ergonomic practices and applications. The NX609 and NX309 models were deemed “people-friendly products” in the ergonomic design category (examples of product design and commercial development).

The NX609 and NX309 integrated AV memory car navigation systems were released in June 2009. Designed to be the “easiest to use and easiest get used to” system there is, the models include among their many features the ability to customize the buttons displayed in the search menu screen, and a variety screen function that allows users to choose the images of their preference on three different screen patterns.

In terms of the product’s ergonomic considerations, users can choose one of three selectable patterns on the variety screen, and the shape and color scheme in the screen patterns were studied to ensure that the required information is accurately conveyed to the user, making the design eye-friendly for seniors with impaired color discrimination and others with imperfect color vision. The major points taken into consideration in the design were a unified displayed button configuration, enhanced contrast to distinguish the buttons, background colors and button text colors, the borders around the buttons, and button colors that clearly identified the different operations. For additional information about the NX609 and NX309, please refer to the Database of Ergonomic Designed Products and Practices.

Note * The Japan Ergonomics Society was established in 1964 to facilitate studies of human and related projects, and has a membership of over 2000, consisting of researchers from various fields and people practicing ergonomics in businesses. Through these members, the society conducts interdisciplinary activities.

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