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Clarion supplying car audio systems for the Toyota "PASSO" and Daihatsu "BOON"

In December 2006 Clarion Co., Ltd. (President: Tatsuhiko Izumi) began supplying car audio systems for the Toyota Motor Corporation "PASSO" and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. "BOON." It was decided that OEM car audio systems, which Clarion had already been delivering to Daihatsu, would be used not only in the new Daihatsu "BOON," but also in the same specification "PASSO" that Daihatsu is producing for Toyota. Products are being manufactured in the Clarion Tohoku Office, and delivered on an OEM basis to Daihatsu, which is producing the "PASSO" and "BOON."

The car audio system being delivered will feature a “Music Server” equipped CD/Tuner with large, easy to use buttons and choice of five sound quality modes, that is capable of up to 4X high-speed recording and storing in memory up to 660 minutes of music from CDs or other audio.

Striving for the ideal integration of music, information and mobility, last year Clarion created the “Clarion H.M.I. (Human Mobile Music Media Interface)” slogan to launch sales under its new global “Clarion” brand name. With even further global expansion of its brand name promotion campaign planned in 2007, to further strengthen its brand name Clarion will actively seek to expand OEM sales to various carmakers by offering delivery of car navigation, AV and other in-vehicle systems in the future.

The Toyota "PASSO" and Daihatsu "BOON" car audio system boast the following features.

Major features of the Toyota "PASSO" and Daihatsu "BOON" “Music server” equipped CD/Tuner:

"Music Server" function

  • Choice of five sound quality modes·High-speed recording up to 4X
  • Up to 660 minutes of recording/play time in memory

Ease of operation

  • Emphasis on large buttons and easy to use panel

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