Vision 70

The Clarion Group is pursuing reforms to its business portfolio, and emphasizing management stressing increased asset efficiency in order to build a corporate group able to quickly respond to market shifts, technological innovation, or other changes in the business environment. The new corporate vision, “Vision-70,” was formulated this year in view of our 70th anniversary in 2010. It sets targets for that year of net sales of ¥260.0 billion, operating income of ¥18.0 billion, and an operating income ratio of 7.0%, as we strive to “reshape Clarion into something that people want and look forward to with great expectations.”

Clarion’s business domain is “a space that allows seamless enjoyment and sharing of music and information, anytime, anywhere and with anybody, based on the car environment.” Since its founding Clarion has focused on developing technology and devices that can withstand the harsh environments inside vehicles. In recent years, more precision devices incorporating semiconductors, CDs and DVDs are being fitted in cars, and the importance for such technology and expertise as we have accumulated to this point has greatly increased.

Looking ahead, we will strengthen our sales capacity throughout the world by increasing awareness of our brand value and reorganizing the sales structure, enhance our product lineup and increase the speed of product planning for the global market. We have upgraded and expanded our global composition, and restructured our organizational makeup to be more customer-oriented, in order to respond more quickly and flexibly to the latent needs of the market.

In the Car Information Systems (CIS) business, focusing on such products as car navigation systems, we have strengthened our cooperative relationship with Hitachi, Ltd. We will bring development personnel together, and increase product competitiveness by combining the superior technologies of each company. We will also aim to develop integrated product platforms and increase efficiency, in order to effectively utilize product development resources. Through this alliance we will be able to reduce costs, as well as resolve the issue of retaining software engineers.

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