Corporate Governance

Clarion’s corporate governance framework has been structured to ensure the sound management that will improve long-term corporate value. We also consider it important to seriously consider compliance issues. For this reason we established a Compliance Committee, which I chair, in order to improve awareness of compliance issues among employees and ensure due implementation of various compliance measures. We have also given independent status to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Promotion Office and Internal Audit Office as a means of strengthening our internal control structure. The results of Group-wide internal audits are communicated with these offices as base stations, and implementation of any corrective actions and measures, if necessary, is overseen by these offices.

Clarion also maintains a management stance emphasizing shareholders’ returns that properly reflect performance. We make efforts to establish good and smooth relationships with all stakeholders by respecting basic interests and equality, and by enhancing management transparency through proper information disclosure.

Clarion has adopted the auditing system, under which the Board of Directors sets management policies for the corporate group, makes decisions on important matters regarding management, and directs and supervises the conduct of business.

Clarion will continue to make efforts to enhance the effectiveness of its corporate governance by strengthening its compliance structure and ensuring proper management of the Board of Directors.

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