Preservation of the environment is one of the most vital issues common to everyone throughout the world, and management emphasizing CSR has become the standard for any corporate endeavor. To create a sustainable society, Clarion’s corporate management is based on the principle of the triple bottom line of environment, business and society. By implementation of measures defined in Vision-70, we will not only make efforts to establish a firm management foundation, but also to make investment in environmental improvement and social contributions to reshape the Company to be a “More Valuable Enterprise.”

Clarion continues to build an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 standards. Specifically, we take measures to curtail environmentally harmful substances, to develop more environment-friendly products that are smaller and lighter, and to implement product life cycle assessment initiatives based on design evaluations that include factors such as recyclability. Regarding our risk management strategy, we have implemented total risk management (TRM) to provide companywide control of information security, environmental and other risks faced by the Company.

Based on Clarion’s corporate philosophy of “respecting the individuality and ability of each employee, and establishing a corporate culture of generosity,” we have implemented a merit system that has fostered independent-minded employees able to rise to challenges. Our aim is to be in step with the ideals of our employees, and to build a company of which they are proud to be a part. We also maintain several avenues of communication with our suppliers. In this way we remain in harmony with our stakeholders while respecting local communities, conduct activities to contribute to society that reflect our awareness of our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and strive to be a “company truly needed by society.”

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