Safety in the Working Environment

Clarion has established the Health and Safety Committee, which is working to develop healthier and safer workplace environments, and to comply with laws, regulations and ordinances related to health and safety in the workplace.

Basic Policies

Health and Safety Committee

Clarion holds a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee once a month to discuss relevant topics.

Prevention of Industrial Accidents

In order to ensure safety of employees as utmost priority and to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, Clarion promotes various measures with the target of zero industrial accidents. In Fiscal 2011 also, there was no serious incident.

Mental and Physical Health

We see rising risk of lifestyle related disease recently. We consider employees who are healthy both physically and mentally can give power to the company.

1. Physical Health

All employees over 35 years of age, when higher risk for disease starts, can now go through one-day visit regular health check, which gives more accurate diagnosis. The results are verified by the work health professionals and necessary guidance are given to those with remarks.

2. Mental Health

For better mental health, Clarion has “telephone consultation” and “personal consultation” systems. Within the latter system, designated psychiatrist doctors and industry mental health coordinators give personal care to those in need. Additionally, we provided mental health lectures every year. The attendees in Fiscal 2011 were 340 and they learned about importance of line-care and self-care as well as necessary knowledge and the way of dealing with the issue of mental health.

Employees receiving a health management training course

Employees receiving a health management training course

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