Compliance Management Throughout the World

Clarion extends its compliance program throughout the world. At moment 2 domestic and 16 overseas affiliates have introduced the similar program. Each has formulated compliance guidelines materially same as that of headquarters’ “Code of Conducts,” which are laid out in 8 languages including English, Chinese and Malay. Risk assessment and responding plans, which are the core of the compliance programs, are carried out in a similar manner as in the Headquarters.

Clarion Group’s “Code of Conducts” in various languages

Clarion Group’s “Code of Conducts” in various languages


We hold regular liaison meetings with domestic affiliates to verify their activity plans and state of implementation, and share information on various issues. With overseas affiliates, we induce more activated efforts in this area with interviews of, and regular reports from, each of the affiliates and consequent follow-up actions.

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