Maintaining and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Quality Policy

Clarion’s Corporate Vision states; “The link between sound and information communication in the mobile environment of the car will evolve into new domains based on our unique ideas and advanced technologies. Through this, we will provide safety, security, comfort and excitement to our customers all over the world. We at Clarion shall remain at the forefront of the industry, to precisely understand market needs and achieve long term growth.” In order to materialize this vision, it is necessary to make everyone within the organization be aware of the importance of meeting customer needs, and then to implement activities that actually meet those needs. Thus, Clarion has declared that its basic policy for quality is to “gain customers’ confidence, trust and satisfaction.” Through promoting activities based on this policy, we aim to increase the value of our presence in society. Losing such hard achieved confidence and trust is easy and happens so very quickly. We strive with pride to building up customers’ satisfaction in each of our products and their confidence and trust in us so they would say “Clarion, again”. For this reason, Clarion has positioned quality assurance as the utmost priority management issue.

Quality Assurance System

Clarion has established and retains a reliable quality assurance system not only for products of its own brand but also for those with OEM brands, which responds to requirements of end users and OEM partners. As a part of the efforts, all Clarion manufacturing units have acquired certification of ISO/TS16949 which is a standard specifically required by automotive industry for quality management system, based on the international standard of ISO9001. At the same time, we are in the process of responding to ISO26262, which is a safety standard for vehicles officially announced in July 2011. This ISO26262 aims to pre-emptively solve possible malfunctions of total vehicle systems, including software and render customers “safety and security.” Through properly maintaining a quality management system, Clarion offers customers technology and quality that can promise them “Safety,” “Security” and “Comfort.”

Quality Assurance System

Enhancement of Quality Assurance Processes in the New Category Products (Network Services Business and Vision Systems)

Products to be introduced after summer 2012 will have functionality of “Smart Access.” This service, which provides customers diverse information all the time via Internet with key word of “being connected,” requires new dimension of quality assurance processes different from those centering on hardware required for conventional products.


Clarion will enhance its organization in this respect through, on top of conventional hardware reliability evaluation, strengthened performance check with various contents of smartphones. At the same time we will deal with customer support on a global perspectives.

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