Eco-Friendly Products

Clarion strives to expand its range of eco-friendly products for the purpose of environmental conservation. We voluntarily implement environmental assessments at the development stage covering all the stages of our products’ life cycle from material, components, production processes, physical distribution, to usage, disposal and to recycling by our customers. The results of successful assessment are displayed in the form of “Clarion Eco-Mark.”

Efforts for Eco-Friendly Products

Development of Eco-Friendly Products

Clarion implements self-imposed environmental assessments from the development stage using standards for 8 assessment criteria. We aim to develop products with less environmental impact (Eco-Friendly Products) through LCA (life cycle assessment) approach whereby total environmental impact is assessed throughout the entire life cycle of products.

We also address the issues necessary to comply with the RoHS Directive of the European Union and other domestic and overseas laws and regulations, as well as requirements of car manufacturers. Together with these efforts and promotion of Green Purchasing, among others, we eliminate prohibited substances and promote use of eco-friendly materials and components from the development stage.

Development of Eco-Friendly Products

Display of the Clarion Eco-Mark

To develop and offer eco-friendly products, Clarion conducts the environmental impact assessment, which is comprised of the following 8 criteria; lighter weight, longer lifespan, better recyclability, easier disassembly, more eco-friendliness, better energy efficiency, better providing of information, and better packaging material. The products which meet our own criteria are certified as “Eco-Friendly Products”, and the “Clarion Eco-Mark” are displayed on them.

Examples of products with the “Clarion Eco-Mark”


HDD Navigation Device NX810


SD Navigation Device NX710

Compliance with REACH Regulations

The REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulations aim to put obligation of safety assessment of practically all chemicals in distribution within Europe and registration and evaluation of them. The regulations came into force in June 2007. They expect to minimize the impacts from chemical substances to the environment and human and to more clearly identify responsibility of enterprises with respect to administration of these substances through compliance with them. Clarion promotes activities of identifying the chemical contents with use of JAMA sheets∗.

∗ JAMA Sheet: Data sheet for ingredient analysis survey standardized by JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.) and JAPIA (Japan Auto Parts Industries Association)

Development of Full-Digital Speakers for Cars

Clarion has succeeded in developing the world first full-digital speakers for cars. With these speakers, drastic saving in electric power can be achieved with driving voltage of less than a half and power consumption about 1/8, of conventional speakers. We aim to introduce high quality audio system products suitable for EVs (Electric Vehicles) and HVs (Hybrid Vehicles).

Comparison of power consumption at music reproduction

Comparison of power consumption at music reproduction

Promotion of Green Purchasing

Clarion has been promoting green purchasing activities. In order to enhance purchase of goods with less environmental impact, we revised “Green Procurement Guideline” in 2010. We will continue our efforts in offering products that comply with various laws, regulations and industry standards in cooperation with suppliers.

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