Work-Life Balance

Supports to Child Caring and Nursing

Clarion has set up a childcare leave system, a nursing leave system and vacation deposit system to ensure environments and working conditions for employee needing to take care small children and/or older family members to balance their roles at work and at home.

Furthermore, in response to the Law for Measures to Development of the Next Generation, we promote awareness raising programs and others at education and training sessions for each segment. We are also reforming systems in this regard from viewpoint of diversified working conditions.

Childcare Leave System Childcare leave may be taken once for each child, with the leave period lasting until the child is one year and six months old.
Nursing Leave System Leave during necessary period up to one year for causes of nursing necessity.
Vacation Deposit System Vacation deposit of maximum 4 days of the unconsumed annual paid holidays lapsing after 2 years from the date of grant, maximum accumulated deposit to be less than 40 days. Thus deposited vacation is used as leave for treatment of non-work-related injuries/illness or care for family members. We have 5 days/year of holidays outside the deposit system for caring the family.
Childcare Support Short working hours system of 2 hours/day up to child’s graduation from elementary school
Maternity Protection Possibility to take maternity holidays from 8th week before the child birth
Fiscal 2008 Fiscal 2009 Fiscal 2010
Results for Childcare Leave Taken 8 7 9
Results for Nursing care Leave Taken 0 0 0

For Full Consumption of Paid Holidays

Clarion works to create systems to facilitate full consumption of paid holidays. Clarion has introduced planned consumption of two consecutive holidays, “Anniversary Holidays” (3 days), companywide paid holidays (5 days).

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