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Human Resources Administration System

Basic Policy on Human Resources Administration

Clarion states in its corporate philosophy; “Respecting the individuality and ability of each employee, and establishing a corporate culture of generosity”. Based on this philosophy, our H.R. administration system ensures that each employee is able to engage oneself to work with sense of independence and high motivation, and performance is duly appraised according to role, responsibility and contribution.

Basic Policy

H.R. Administration

Qualification System

Ranks based on expected role, responsibility and contribution are in place. Rank promotions are examined once a year when an employee qualifies requirements of each rank.

Salary System

Salary is based on a range system according to qualification ranks, which considers the level dominant in the market.

Appraisal System

Performance of each employee is appraised based on the level of achievement within semi-annual target control, and annual appraisal is made based on appropriateness in performed competence. Semiannual appraisal is reflected on the bonus and annual appraisal on salary and rank promotion.

In-House Recruitment System and FA System

To encourage independent career formation, Clarion has adopted a new in-house recruitment system featuring workplace reassignment procedures in line with personal wishes, as an opportunity for staff to select their own jobs within the company. We also introduced the FA (Free Agent) system to encourage flexible movement of personnel within the company.

Fiscal 2008 Fiscal 2009 Fiscal 2010
Achievements of the In-House Recruitment System 3 4 5
Achievements of the FA System 2 4 2

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