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Human Resource Development

Basic Policy on H.R. Development

Clarion’s target is upbringing of group of professionals which can cope with rapid changes in the business environment. Various specific measures are taken in both strategic upbringing of human resources for the company and departments as well as supporting individual autonomous activities.

Expected Employee Role Models

Education and Training System

Clarion provides its employees with following system to embody their expected employee role models.

Business Skill
Core Skill Education/
Professional Skill
Managerial Staff Education/Training to acquire necessary skills and knowledge for employees’ roles Education/Training to nurture Clarion’s unique culture of
strong sense of unity and spirits of meeting challenges continuously
Education/training for enhancing professional skills/competence for each job type
Experienced Staff
General Staff

Career Development Support System

The company (Human Resources Dept.), the departments and the individuals all act independently, according to their roles and objectives, and the synergetic effects among them enable the company and departments to improve the quality of human resources, so that the individuals can enhance their market value.

Mentor System Each new employee (a mentee) is allocated with a senior staff member from the same department as his/her mentor. This method encourages each new recruit to become independent and to build up internal network within the company at an earlier stage of  employment. Clarion is the first company to have adopted this system in Japan.
Support for Career
Planning Activities
Clarion offers supporting career development lectures for employees at turning points of their employment to review their current career path and relationship with the company for building up and following a future career by themselves.

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