Basic Policies on Recruiting

Clarion prohibits discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion, race, etc. and aims to recruit and train people with a wide range of personal values. Furthermore, as stated in“Clarion Group Code of Conduct”, we respect the human rights and individuality of each employee.

Basic Policies

The Kind of People We Want, Respect for Diverse Personal Values

Clarion is looking for “independent personnel, defined as people who can independently think, positively work on anything, and learn with curiosity”. When recruiting human resources, we select people as themselves, irrespective of their academic background, gender, religion or nationality. Through the selection procedures, Clarion evaluates personalities based on interviews with all applicants, and assessments are made based on their ability to communicate well and come up with unique ideas. We make efforts to ensure a transparent selection process by giving all prospective employees feedback of the full content of their assessment.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Clarion aims to expand its hiring of people with disabilities. Our employment rate of the disabled is improving year by year. The rate of employees with disabilities at the headquarters was 1.9% in Fiscal 2010, and we achieved the legal requirement of 1.8%.

Equal Opportunity and Treatment in Employment

Prior to the enforcement of the amended Equal Employment Opportunity Law on April 1st, 2007, we disseminated throughout the company the amended points such as prohibition of disadvantageous treatment of women due to pregnancy or child birth and points regarding sexual harassment among others. Additionally, we provided education/training for managers to raise awareness of the issues.

The proportion of female employees at the Headquarters is low at 12%, but we do not have no discrimination in recruitment by gender pursuant to the Basic Policies. The ratio of female at recruitment has reached 27.8% in Fiscal 2011 and female employees are finding a wider range of opportunity of work in our R & D, purchasing and sales departments.

Male and Female New Graduate Recruitment Ratios

Male and Female New Graduate Recruitment Ratios

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