CSR Management Efforts

Clarion has been actively engaged as the whole Group in compliance management, environmental protection and social

contribution as society requires companies more and more efforts in these areas. Since Fiscal 2003, we carried out more specific activities such as awarding sites with remarkable achievements and sharing information of status of activities at each of the Group companies. As a result, compliance management has taken a deeper root in domestic and overseas affiliates, and awareness for needs of compliance to laws and rules as required by society has become much higher.

A “More Valuable Enterprise” as society demands now, is such that pursues social responsibilities and is trusted and viewed indispensable by society, and not such that pursues only its profit. With this in mind, we shall make efforts to enhance our activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in addition to compliance management as up to now.

We have been contributing to local communities and society through supports and assistance towards future generation and people stricken by disasters. We shall further promote such activities more specifically to contribute to society and fulfill our responsibilities as we aim to more firmly establish CSR management.

Clarion’s Compliance Programs

Clarion’s Compliance Programs

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