Compliance Management Efforts

Compliance management has developed since Fiscal 2003 with the “Guiding Principles of Conducts and Behaviors” and establishing efforts of promotion systems throughout the world. Each department has promoted with PDCA cycle method∗ activities to mitigate compliance risks as its primary objectives. Lecture and training sessions are held every year for managerial staffs as our ongoing awareness raising efforts, where case studies of other companies and new and amended laws and regulations are studied.

We perform regular meetings to exchange opinions with departments, awareness surveys and audits on compliance efforts. We will continue these efforts with a view to further reducing risks and taking our global activities to a new and higher level.

∗ The “PDCA cycle method” is a repetitive process for operational Improvements: first making plans (to “Plan”), carrying out the plans (to “Do”), evaluating the results (to “Check”) and carrying out further actions for Improvements (to “Act”)

History of Compliance Management Efforts

History of Compliance Management Efforts

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