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Responsibility Toward Product and Information Security

Responsibility Toward Products

Clarion recognizes the nature of the products we sell and pay utmost attention in this respect of safety, complying with laws and safety standards. We make efforts to provide products that customers can use with feeling of safety through assessment of safety features of products and maintenance/enhancement of their quality.

Because of recent drastic increase of thefts of navigation devices, there are increasing numbers of inquiries from police authorities regarding PIN codes of the devices, theft reports and confiscated devices.

In response to such situation, we launched an “Automatic Theft Identification System” in 2006. This system automatically crossreferences the information contained in the reports of stolen products seized by police and that of our navigation device user registration, repair and map upgrading history and it contributes in quicker and more accurate identification. There were more than 50 cases of cooperation with police authorities per year, including tracking/analysis of routes recorded on the navigation devices installed in the cars involved in crimes.

Automatic Theft Identification System

Automatic Theft Identification System

Administration of Personal Information

Customer information of purchasers is used in after-sales service and product development. For this purpose, we have a “Policies of Personal Information Protection”, which is accessible by public on our homepage. The Policy is appropriately managed in accordance with the “Administration Standards for Personal Information”.

Specifically, each department appoints a responsible staff who reports to Personal Information Protection General Manager, performs secure handling of such information through regular audits and interviews. Regular education and training are provided for all employees in order to disseminate and raise their awareness of the need for compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.

Administration of Personal Information

Information Security

Clarion has formulated an information security policy to avoid risks around information assets and their protection. The risks include, among others, information leakages, loss of corporate credibility through unauthorized use of software and computer system failures caused by illegitimate accesses.

Specifically, we have implemented physical measures, such as placing restriction on access to the server room.

With regard to access to information assets, we have technical measures for protection through authorization processes with passwords and encryption of data.

Further, we carry out company-wide education and training on risk assessment of information assets and e-learning in order to increase the security awareness. At the same time, we perform yearly regular information security audit to make early assessment of possible issues and improvement if necessary.

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