Quality Control

Establishing a New Quality Control System in Response to Market Demands

The automotive industry, Clarion’s largest customer, after its global reorganization over the past few years, has been facing tough demands from the market in all aspects including quality and costs. In response to these demands from the industry, we have been establishing a new quality control system in order to strengthen the partnership with car manufacturers. As a part of these efforts, we are progressing towards acquisition of certification of ISO/TS16949, which together with ISO9001, is an international standard that defines a quality system specifically for the automotive business. We are receiving requests for its certification not only overseas car manufacturers but increasingly from domestic car manufacturers. Within the Clarion group, four companies have already obtained this certification. In addition, we have been developing a consistent quality control system from suppliers to our own company, as well as a global supply chain. With these systems and organizations to meet various demands from customers, we aim to “maintain and enhance customer confidence and satisfaction”.

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