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Human and Machine as One


Pure sound reproduction through absolute high quality and crystallised into forms that will be the envy of drivers in the digital age. Clarion’s theme for the 2006 lineup is “Creativity in the form of Human-Machine Interface” to link people, their cars and music more effectively. The fine, solid design vividly accents your car’s interior whilst enhancing visibility. Affinity with the latest digital media infinitely expands your possibilities for a new musical lifestyle. And at the summit of Clarion’s sound quality and sound sculpting technologies is the AC Processor IV. Clarion’s spirit and technologies converge, creating a wave of innovation for people who demand the best in creative car entertainment.


Taking on the impulse of your senses.

At times, you want to just stop and let your senses run free. Put yourself at the mercy of the music and the space you love so much. Instead of just driving from point A to point B, taking the time to discover new things and meet new people along the way greatly enhances your driving lifestyle. Designed with solid-looking black face and sharpness of form, and intriguing blue illumination that highlights your console. Sophisticated to the point of simplicity and minimalism, with a Human-Machine Interface that knows human movement inside out. It heralds a new age where response is immediate to the will and sensibilities of the driver. Not just form, but beyond just function. Clarion is the only way you can experience the new design theme “Fine Solid”, a new idea that will transform the mobile scene.


The finest seats in the theatre are where you sit.

AC Processor IV, which integrates the most advanced sound quality technologies and an opulent array of functions onto a single chip, represents Clarion’s commitment towards soundfield creation and sound quality control. It is the crystallisation of high-level sound quality and acoustic analysis technologies that deliver the best sound possible, whether it’s in a large vehicle with lots of passengers, or in a compact driver’s seat. A 3-way Digital Crossover Network to bring out the maximum performance of your speakers for clearer musical reproduction; a 6-channel Independent Time Alignment Control to adjust the time it takes for sound from the speakers to reach each passenger’s listening position; an Anti-Distortion Filter to adjust the entire sound range so you can enjoy playback of the original source, and more. The seat that you sit in now is transformed into a gorgeous, special reserved seat. That’s because only Clarion can bring to you the optimum seat for car entertainment.


Connect to the future at will.

Experience all the emotion of the artist’s performance, undiluted. It paints a picture not only of the subtle nuances of the instruments, but also the feelings that went into it. Clarion has always pursued true-to-life sound quality that lets you feel the reality. Digital media is evolving in real-time, minimising size while maximising data storage capacities. We see the appearance of a variety of media that dramatically transform the way you enjoy your music and motoring. In this ever changing world, Clarion’s 2006 lineup accommodates diversifying media and formats such as DVD±R/RW and MP3/WMA, and offers improved connectivity with iPod® and other USB devices that use compressed audio. From the latest devices and files, Clarion extracts sound that is infinitely close to the original source. Our rock solid performance offers playability backed by optimum sound quality and acoustic technologies, to achieve high fidelity sound reproduction from rapidly appearing new media. This is one example of Clarion’s relentless challenge as a company that simply will not compromise regarding sound reproduction that is true to the original.


The moment you touch it, the future unfolds before your eyes.

Just put your finger on the 4.2-inch touch panel display, and you can experience total control that responds to your every whim. DXZ866MP/956MC are equipped with the unrivalled performance of an Optimedia Display. The AC Processor IV, which integrates Clarion’s sound quality and acoustic analysis technologies onto a single chip, will transform the same ol’ music into an entirely new experience that envelops your car interior by way of its 3-way Digital Crossover Network, 6-channel Independent Time Alignment Control, Anti-Distortion Filter, Dolby Pro Logic II, VSE and Parametric Equaliser. And it allows MP3/WMA music file playback to maximise the potential of digital-age car entertainment.

Convergence of sophisticated design and usability.

Enjoying your favourite tunes while driving safely... Controlling the sound without even the slightest effect on controlling your car… A new type Smart Control which offers the combination of design and usability is equipped on the DXZ766MP/DXZ666MP/VXZ766/ DXZ466MP/DXZ366MP. The keys, laid out in an orbiting pattern around the Rotary Volume control, are easily recognisable by touch to support safe driving. The configuration which guides the driver′s finger to the target position makes blind-touch operation possible, for a level of intuitive control unheard of until now. What′s more, the aesthetically aggressive design of the DB566USB′s control knob and the cool blue illumination that highlights the Rotary Volume control, are not only fashionable but also increase visual recognition of each type of function key for smooth and sure operation.

Open new worlds with the Multimedia Station.

With a touch panel that operates in concert with the user’s finger, you’re just a touch away from a wide world of visual and audio media that lets you enjoy everything from DVDvideo, music CD and video CD, to MP3 data stored on CDR/ RW and even iPod® control. What’s more, with CeNET connection you can smoothly expand your system to a full-fledged 5.1ch surround or 2-Zone system. Compatibility with a wide variety of media for seamless entertainment in your in-vehicle environment, and Clarion’s technologyintensive sound and image quality, as well as precision information processing... The Multimedia Station links all of these factors together, for a system that progresses and grows along with you. That’s the Multimedia Station flagship model VRX766VD or MAX667VD from Clarion. New potential, coalesced into a solid design, connects you to a future that’s a step ahead.

Interaction with an ever-evolving array of digital media.

In addition to audio CD, there’s support of CD-R/RW disc media, the most popular compressed audio format MP3, as well as WMA which offers a high compression ratio with less loss of quality. Coinciding with the appearance of new media, Clarion has always deepened the link with those media when releasing new models. While iPod® spearheaded the popularity of portable audio players, Clarion’s iPod® control function made it possible to operate iTunes encoded music data as-is, right at the main unit’s touch panel. Aside from playback of CD, MP3 and WMA files, DB566USB also offers USB connection so you can hook-up a USB memory or USB player device and enjoy listening to the MP3 or WMA files stored on it. In the ageless form we call “Fine Solid”, you’ll find the newest connectivity that will revolutionise your car audio lifestyle.

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