High-performance reproduction of super lows

Each subwoofer is the culmination of the unrivalled expertise Clarion holds in the field of car audio.

Each thundering beat will be the pulse of your music and your lifestyle.

Rely on them to deliver the powerful, earth-shaking bass performance that your music deserves.

Alminium die-cast frame (PXW/PFW series)

An aluminium die-cast frame is employed for the toughness and vibration damping properties it provides. Aluminium suppresses noise from resonance and energy loss to achieve linear movement for cones and voice coils.

S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technolog) cooling (PXW/PFW series)

Heat is the number one enemy of a subwoofer. Clarion’s Spider Exhaust Technology Cooling allows hot air to escape from the outside of the voice coil assembly.

MaxxBass technology (SRV313)

Natural sound is made up of fundamentals that determine the pitch of sound and harmonics with higher frequencies that determine the character of the sound. MaxxBass makes use of harmonics to recreate these fundamentals. That innovative technology enhances bass to the max by adding harmonics continuously with the audio signal.

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