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Sposoring Kondo Racing for Super GT Interchallenge

Clarion was proud to be the sponsor for Kondo racing team who was participating in this year's Super GT Inter Challenge class GT500. At the helm of the Kondo racing team was its coach, Mr Masahiko Kondo, who was once the famous singer in Japan. The team has taken part in the round 4 of the race held at Sepan International Circuit in Malaysia on 24 and 25 June 2006. On the same day, there were interviewers from internet TV program site called "Gyao" at the racing event and seizing the opportunity, we showcase our demo car and simultaneously introduce our new branding in this program. As an added spotlight, we have received comments from Mr Masahiko Kondo on our demo car. This program will be broadcasted from 19 July to 18 August on the "Gyao" internet site in Japan, but viewers from overseas may not be able to access this site.

Kondo Racing

Mr. Kondo and Staff of Kondo Racing

Demo Car

Clarion DEMO car

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