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Clarion HX-D2, the Winner

In the Singapore's first ever Dreamcars Asia Sound Challenge that was held in conjunction with the Dreamcars Asia Motorshow 2005 from 29 June to 3 July 2005, Clarion HX-D2 came in first and fourth place in 2 of the categories.

This event was by EMMA (European Mobile Media Association), in collaboration with AMME (Asian Mobile Media Association).

The participating vehicles will be judged on overall sound quality, tone and balance, as well as image and impression of space. Vibration and residual noises, and stability and safety of operation will also be considered.

The sound challenge was divided into 2 catagories of 2 classes each, Rookie Class, 600W & 600W and above, Sound only Class, 600W & above 601W and above.

In the Rookie Class, 600W category, Clarion HX-D2 had attained the No. 1 place. It had impressed the panel of judges with its remarkable pure sound.

For the Rookie Class, 600W and above category, we had managed the fourth place.

We had through this sound challenge raise the brand awareness of Clarion Products.

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