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Message from the New Chairman and President


Starting in April 2014, Clarion’s strengthened operating structure is facilitating organizational reforms aimed at expansion of our business activities in the global markets—where we expect our future growth to come from. In order to build an even stronger global governance structure, the Chairman & CEO of the Clarion group, as the Chief Executive Officer, is now charged with developing the business policy and strategy, while the President & COO, as the Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for implementing the business plan which is based on this policy and strategy.

Since our establishment in 1940, Clarion has developed a wide range of operations. Over the past 74 years, our employees have pulled together to create great products that only Clarion can offer, embodying unique idea and innovations. And, we have successfully built a well deserved and recognized reputation as a superior manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment. This achievement is a direct result of our ongoing efforts to realize Clarion's corporate philosophy, namely, "to improve society by seeking to develop the relationship between sound, information, and human interaction, and by creating products that meet those needs."

Moreover, we have adapted quickly to change, seizing upon the ever-changing nature of the environment to identify opportunities and successfully changing direction significantly, from a manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment to a provider of in-vehicle information systems.

With information increasingly becoming indispensible in people's daily lives, Clarion relentlessly pursues opportunities in the information field in order to enrich the lives of its customers by offering safe and secure in-vehicle access to information and entertainment. We plan to continue to grow in key areas that are even more deeply intertwined with the essential aspects of in-vehicle connectivity.

To achieve this, we intend to carry out structural reforms aimed at simultaneously strengthening our business base while laying the foundation for growth. And, we will forge ahead with initiatives to cultivate new product domains and become a truly global company with our eyes set on upcoming growth markets.

As for where we intend to concentrate our efforts further:
Fully understanding the characteristics of each market, we at Clarion will enhance our presence in the global markets as a trusted and valued partner, further expanding our marketing and technological capabilities in order to realize an even better connection between sound, information, and human interaction—which lies at the heart of Clarion’s global product development initiatives—and strive to deliver the very best that we can offer to our customers.

We will always remain true to the spirit of “We are Clarion”, moving forward united and meeting our responsibilities to the society as a member of the Hitachi Group, with the goal of growing as a company that is truly liked and valued by the society.

Chief Executive Officer Tatsuhiko Izumi
Chief Operations Officer Hidetoshi Kawamoto
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