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Strategic Global Communication Activities Connecting People, Businesses and Society
Many countries and regions, a wide variety of cultures and market trends... As the scope of Clarion’s activities becomes ever more global, the importance of communication with our customers becomes increasingly important. Clarion is engaged in a broad range of activities for the benefit of its stakeholders around the world, including communicating its corporate philosophy, achieving wider brand recognition, providing product information, publicizing new technologies, promoting sales through advertising and other means, and expanding the Clarion portal site. Clarion will remain proactively engaged in communication activities in order to forge strong relationships with society, achieving a good balance between our global strategy, focusing on the Clarion brand, and our localized strategies that have an emphasis on regional needs.

2013: Exhibiting at "The 21st Indonesia International Motor Show" (Indonesia)

2014: Exhibiting at "Delhi Auto EXPO 2014" (India)

2013: Exhibiting at "AutoMusica Show 2013" (Italy)

2014: Exhibiting at "The 35th Bangkok International Motor Show 2014" (Thailand)

2013: Exhibiting at "Notte Rosa 2013" (Italy)

2014: Exhibiting at the "Consumer Electronics Show 2014" (America)

2013: Exhibiting at "CEATEC JAPAN 2013" (Japan)

2013: Exhibiting at "The 62nd Central Technology Committee National Convention – Product Exhibition" (Japan)

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