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Clarion invents "Intelligent VOICE"


Clarion enhances Smart Access with Intelligent VOICE, natural voice recognition technology powered by Google

Vélizy-Villacoublay, June 16th 2014 – In 2013, Clarion presented Smart Access, an advanced solution providing services to drivers and available via the Cloud, transforming cars into connected spaces for leisure and safety.
Making the vehicle always connected thanks to the Smart Access, Clarion introduces today Intelligent VOICE, integrating the natural voice recognition technology powered by Google.
To further enhance the performance of Intelligent VOICE, the technology benefits from Google Voice Search and the Google Places API
Until now, systems equipped with voice control required the use of limited lists of keywords in order to browse through the system's menu. With Intelligent VOICE, you can be more spontaneous. Time for lunch? Say "I'm hungry" and your system will offer you a choice of nearby restaurants. Better still, it will suggest – by speech synthesis – ways of refining your search, taking into account the options available in the vicinity (fast food, Italian restaurant etc.).
Furthermore, this smart search is based on a logical understanding of what you say: even if you can only remember part of a name or if you mispronounce it, Clarion's Intelligent VOICE will present the results that match the phrase most closely.
With this innovation, Clarion is paving the way for user-friendliness and safety. Drivers are encouraged to have a conversation with their device, rather than issuing it with commands. Simplicity and intuition are the order of the day, for unparalleled in-car comfort and satisfaction.
Initially, a first version of Intelligent VOICE will be incorporated in the NX504E, Clarion's Smart Access multimedia and navigation centre, which has just been launched on the European market in June 2014. But Clarion has already announced its intention to gradually roll out the feature to most of its navigation systems that are scheduled for launch over the coming months.
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