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Quality Policy

The aim of Clarion Hungary Electronics Ltd. is to manufacture products of world standard and of outstanding quality, maintaining and enhancing the reputation of our products. Harmonizing the expectations of customers, owners and management, as well as conform to the statutory and regulatory requirements the main policy of Clarion Hungary Electronics Ltd. is The assurance of our customers’ satisfaction and trust.
That includes the following targets via the continuous improvement of our quality guiding system:
We continuously check the above targets by our quality measurement system, and we supervise the effectiveness of our organisation.
Quality should be assured and continuously further developed by shaping each step of the entire process – beginning with purchase, through production and warehousing till the delivery to customers – up to be suitable for quality work.
The management of Clarion Hungary Electronics Ltd is responsible for the operation and documentation of the quality system. Management assures the consciousness of quality policy of the entire organisation by the means of continuous trainings and the distribution of the quality policy’s placards at strategic places.
Considering the customer requirements and the ever increasing demands of worldwide business competition, according to management policy of CHE Ltd. we make transition of the previous quality system (QS-9000 and ISO9002:1994) after a preparation period of a year has received the "ISO/TS 16949:2002" and "ISO 9001:2000" automotive industry quality system certificate on 4th March 2004. issued by AFAQ-French certification body.
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