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Environmental Policy

Clarion Hungary Electronics Kft. (CHE) recognizes – in harmony with the Environmental Policy of the headquarters – that the protection of the environment is one of the world’s most important activities and it is a fundamental task of the company management. Based on the commitment of our management we take the protection of the environment into consideration in all activities, which is production of electronic devices, mainly car-audio, of the company.
The Environmental Policy of CHE is based on our responsibility towards the community and the environment and the commitment for continuous improvement. Our environment protection and work safety activities aim for preventing hazards and reducing risk.

The following principles support the realization of the company’s Environmental Policy

Environmental protection and safety are jobs for all of our employees. The satisfaction of the relevant regulations has absolute priority. Satisfying all the preconditions required to support our people to care for work safety and environmental protection is the task of out company’s management.
Based on this policy we decided to standardize our responsibility for the environment which is conform with the "ISO 14001:1996" environment management system requirements. The certification audit was performed at 2004. end of July by SGS certification body. We received this certification on 29th of October, 2004.
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