Security Codes


I have lost my security code, what should I do?


If you have a Source unit with a fixed "Manufacturer Code" normally one supplied with your vehicle from new; you will need to contact your local car makers appointed franchisee. They will be able to obtain this information for you but do take your original car registration documentation with you when seeking this service, proof of rightful ownership will be requested and there are some forms that need completing.
If your Source unit has a "Personal Code", that is one you have entered yourself, you will need to return it to one of our Service Centres for decoding. This can be done via any of our authorised stockists or by contacting us directly, note please that you will be required proof of rightful ownership; the original invoice, its guarantee card, and quantifiable personal identification.

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I have entered the wrong security code into my radio and cannot get it to work, please help!


If you have a factory installed Source unit with a fixed "Manufacturer Code," you should refer to the chapter entitled "Security Code" or "Error of code" in the owner's manual, because the procedures vary depending on the vehicle make.
Retail Products pre 1989 with a fixed code: Entering the wrong code will cause the systems blocking device to activate. In order to enter the correct code you must first press the [ST] button for three seconds, so to clear your original entry. Once this has been erased you can then and only then enter the correct code provided at the time of purchase.
Retail Products pre 1989 with Personal code: Entering the wrong code will cause the systems blocking device to activate and depending on which model you have, the display screen will remain blank or say "Security" In order for you to enter the correct code, you must leave your radio's power turned on for up to 24hrs. The time delay will vary depending on how many times you've tried to enter a code after making the original mistake. "Code - In" or 4 zeros will eventually flash in the display, providing you don't tamper with your radio during the interim code clearance time. Once displayed enter the correct number.

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